1. International project «Support for the integration of general education schools young people in the labor market of Baltic states in the priority economic sector»

European economics project for youth according to the program NordPlus.
Period: May 2014 — November 2015

Partners: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

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The following competition is announced for this project:

Deadline: 30.04.2015


  1. «What do you know about economics of Balti countries?»
  2. «What is needed to do that Estonia youth studied and worked in Baltic countries?»
  3. «What problems does youth have to find a working place according to education?»

To prepare essay, small research work, referat, paper or any creative work (applied work).

5 winners go to the summer camp to Riga.

The project manager: Veranika Shchura, student of economics subjects.

Contacts: Veranika Shchura, e-mail: veranika96s@gmail.com,  tel 55583073

2. «History and music»

Partners: Estonia, Georgia.

The project competition is announced from January 2015:

To prepare any kind of creative work with usage of own ability and tools chosen and fantasy according to the project theme.

Project Manager: Romet Raag (he has music education), student of 10 class, Tallinn grammar school (e-mail: romet.raag@gmail.com, tel 532 67 683)

Participants: students from 9 to 12 classes

Deadline: 30.04.2015

 violin  621589_050412_30_ArtFile_ru

3. «Master or entrepreneur?»

Opinions and creative works of youth (17-19 years old) in any view, how they wish (with own fantasy):
1. Essay
2. Interview
3. Applied works (art, music, handwork and so on).

Deadline: 30 April 2015